Advantages of Microsoft Certifications Training Programs

Microsoft Office including MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Project and MS Word etc. are widely used by individuals and corporates for executing various day-to-day tasks. Nowadays, knowledge of Microsoft office is one of the basic requirements for many modern job profiles. Be it business analysis, accounting, coding or marketing, you need to have requisite cognizance of Microsoft programs.

Many people use MS Word and MS Excel on day-to-day basis, but it’s mainly limited to changing fonts and formats, typing letters, creating a table or chart and a few other basic functions. Besides, many of us don’t know how different formulas are used for sorting a table or formatting it and so on. To improvise our skills and qualify as a Microsoft expert, there are different Microsoft certification programs. These credentials effectively validates our skills in using MS functions and tools.

Microsoft tools are important for individuals and companies alike; therefore, many companies value MS certification training and consider certified professionals over the non-credential peers. Here are four benefits for you to become Microsoft certified:

  • Complete Fluency in MS Office

Certification establishes your base on using Microsoft office fluently; be it MS PowerPoint for creating presentation, MS Word for creating documents, MS Excel for managing data, or MS Project for managing projects. Your extensive understanding of MS office is showcased with certification and you can build a firm grounding in information technology for career prospects.

  •  Ability to create informative charts

Fluency in Microsoft programs makes you expert in chart builder. Chart creation is considered to be a job for business analysts and finance professionals. But, at some point of time, almost all jobs demand this skill. To support any kind of data and source, you have to rely on informative charts. Besides, charts are crucial element in the presentations that you come across on day-to-day basis and then in professional life.

  • Ability to collect data together

In this digital world, data really means something. To support your idea or view, you need precise data & information to put forward. In this situation, Microsoft Excel is the best programs to rely on. This software of Microsoft can be extensive used for data collation and formatting. You can also bring different data files together as well as sort them in an informative way.

  • Better career prospects

In addition to making your office work effective and easy, MS certification also opens up many other career prospects for you. You can also vouch for analytical roles and challenging leadership with your Microsoft certification. Further, you can demand better positions with your domain expertise to fluently use the MS program towards better business. Now these days, in many instances Microsoft credential is a must to get a good job.

How Microsoft training opening new career opportunities

With increasing usage of computers and internet in different sections of business, a Microsoft training courses can offer you an edge that you need to take your career to the whole next level. Although there are many other training programs (for example the Cisco certifications), the Microsoft certifications courses are one of the most demanding courses in this era.

It’s evident that the usage and demand of computers will only go up with the passage of time. That’s why a certification of Microsoft is considered the most useful tool for shaping and enhancing your career path. Furthermore, this certifications is recognized all over the world; therefore, they are also a crucial tool to all those professionals who want an international exposure.

Explore The Career Opportunities By Choosing The Right Course From Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the top notch leaders in the software industry. Nowadays, more than 80% computers run on Microsoft software; therefore, a Microsoft certification is crucial and applicable all over the world. Further, this certification is offered after verifying the skills and knowledge of the candidate through various specialized tests; therefore, the expertise of the Microsoft certified professionals are never doubted.

It ensures that the professionals- who are Microsoft certified- have an edge over other competitors in their domain. Furthermore, it also lets the professionals get a better salary and options of promotion once they are hired.

Microsoft certification programs are provided in plethora of fields; therefore, various Microsoft training courses are available these days. The MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer) and MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer) certifications can be chosen by aspirants who are trying to build their career in software development. On the other hand, MCSE offers knowledge of business analysis to the infrastructure’s design and implementation.

The MCSA focuses on the troubleshooting and management of business environment. Aspirants looking for business analyst positions can also take up training program related to Microsoft Office Master in combination with MCPD or MCSD (Microsoft certified System Developer) courses. For system analysts there are courses, such as MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer) and the MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer).

Software developers looking to improve their knowledge and skills may take up MCSD or MCSE courses. Furthermore, the administrators or database analysts can take up the MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator) course.

Those aspirants who want to make their career as technical consultant can start with MCITP and continue with MCTS. There are many other courses offered by Microsoft in IT specific subjects. However, it is dependent on the choice of aspirants.

Today, MTA certification training have become a benchmark for skill testing of candidates from the IT industry. It’s natural that there is a certification option in any field of IT industry. For instance, apart from the above mentioned Microsoft courses, there are various other programs aimed at office managers, trainers, and executive assistants and even for professional technical writers.